Welcome To Sassy Sensory Surprises

Igniting Your Child’s Imagination with Sensory Adventures and Learning Delights!

Sensory play transcends barriers!

It offers invaluable developmental advantages to children of diverse abilities. Through engaging their senses, it fosters language acquisition, enhances motor proficiency, and cultivates social connections, making it an essential component of holistic childhood development.

Provide positive sensory Experiences

We create immersive environments that delight all senses, sparking curiosity and joy in every child.

Make learning Fun

Our innovative approach turns education into an exciting journey, igniting a lifelong passion for discovery.

Providing inclusion in education

We ensure every child, regardless of ability, feels valued and supported, fostering a sense of belonging in our inclusive learning community.

Sign Up For A Sassy Event Near You

We proudly host a diverse array of sensory events tailored to cater to children and families of all abilities. From leisure activities like interactive games and creative crafts to the exhilaration of swimming and the joy of disco dance parties, our offerings span the spectrum of sensory engagement.

These events serve as inclusive spaces where children can explore, play, and thrive, fostering connections and memories that transcend boundaries. Join us in celebrating the richness of sensory experiences across the West Midlands.


Every child is unique and should be supported to overcome any potential barriers to education.

If necessary, reasonable adaptions should be made to provide a successful and positive learning journey to children with SEN.

We believe that parents/carers aspirations should always be considered when making necessary changes. This should be a collaborative effort.

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